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14 Mar 2023

Early Spring Installation

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Spring is almost here, and while your lawn and garden may be taking a break, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about installing a sprinkler system for next year’s growing season. At Sprinkler Master Davis County, we offer professional sprinkler system installations in the winter months, so you’ll be ready to go when spring arrives.

Benefits of Winter Sprinkler System Installation

Installing a sprinkler system in the winter months has several benefits, including:

  • Faster installation: During the winter months, there’s typically less demand for sprinkler system installations, which means our team can schedule your installation more quickly.
  • Preparation for spring: Installing a sprinkler system in the early spring time ensures that it will be ready to go when summer arrives. This gives your lawn and garden a head start on the growing season.
  • Savings: Early Spring installation may be more cost-effective than installing a sprinkler system in the peak season, as labor and materials may be more available.

Don’t wait until summer to start thinking about your lawn and garden’s irrigation needs. Contact Sprinkler Master  Davis County today to schedule your sprinkler system installation and enjoy the benefits of a healthy and beautiful lawn and garden year-round. Phone:(801) 923-4119

08 Mar 2023

Spring Start up Tips

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Spring is a time for new beginnings, and fresh starts. Soon the snow will be melting, the birds chirping, and the sun will be shining a little brighter. With spring comes the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors once again. It’s also the perfect time to give your sprinkler system some much-needed attention after these extra cold winter months. As a sprinkler repair company in Davis County, we at Sprinkler Master are excited for spring and all the promises it brings.

We are excited for spring and getting your sprinkler system ready for the season ahead. Here are some tips:

  • Check your sprinkler system for damage. Before you turn on your sprinkler system for the season, it’s important to check for any damage that may have occurred during the winter months. With this winter being more extreme it is important to look for broken sprinkler heads, leaking pipes, or other signs of damage. If you notice any problems, be sure to call a sprinkler repair company like Sprinkler Master to fix them before you start using your system.
  • Clean up your yard. Spring is the perfect time to get outside and start cleaning up your yard. Remove any debris that may have accumulated over the winter months, and clear away any dead leaves or branches. This will help ensure that your sprinkler system is working properly and that water is being distributed evenly throughout your lawn.
  • Start planning your garden. Spring is the perfect time to start planning your garden. Whether you’re planting vegetables or flowers, take the time to research what will grow best in your area and plan out your garden accordingly. Be sure to take into account the needs of your sprinkler system and adjust your planting accordingly.
  • Check your sprinkler timer. Before you start using your sprinkler system for the season, be sure to check your sprinkler timer. Make sure that it’s set to the correct time and that it’s programmed to water your lawn and garden at the right times. If you’re not sure how to do this, Sprinkler Master can help.
  • Schedule a sprinkler system check-up. Finally, consider scheduling a sprinkler system check-up with a professional company like Sprinkler Master. A professional can help you ensure that your sprinkler system is working properly and that it’s ready for the season ahead.

At Sprinkler Master Davis County, we’re excited for spring and all the possibilities it brings. We’re committed to helping our customers get the most out of their sprinkler systems this season and beyond. If you need help getting your sprinkler system ready for spring, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re here to help!

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08 Feb 2023

6 steps that you can take to prevent dry spots.

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Dry spots in your lawn can be a frustrating problem for homeowners in Davis County, UT. These ugly brown patches can be caused by a variety of reasons, including poor watering, heavy foot traffic, and even pests and diseases. Sprinkler Master Repair (Davis County, UT) wants to share several steps that you can take to prevent dry spots from developing in your lawn.

  • Look for disease/ pests in your lawn: Pests and diseases can also cause dry spots in your lawn. Be sure to look out for any signs of infestation or disease and take action if you notice anything.
  • Grass seed: If you are experiencing dry spots in your lawn, consider changing the grass with a drought-tolerant mixture.
  • Water your lawn correctly: Water for a long period of time, but less frequently so that the grass roots can go deep. Also, it is important to in the early morning or late evening, to avoid evaporation.
  • Aerate your lawn: Aerating your lawn can help lessen compaction on your soil and it will improve drainage. Aeration is the process of creating small holes in your lawn/soil to allow water, air, and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass.
  • Fertilize your lawn: Applying fertilizer to your lawn can help promote healthy growth and prevent dry spots. Be sure to use a fertilizer that is specifically formulated for your type of grass and follow the instructions on the package.
  • Reduce foot traffic on your lawn: Avoiding heavy foot traffic in certain areas of your lawn can help prevent dry spots. Instead, create designated walkways to prevent soil compaction.

By following these steps, you can help avoid dry spots from developing in your lawn and keep it looking lush and green. Sprinkler Master Repair (Davis County, UT) is your local lawn experts and can help you get more specific recommendations for your lawn. Call now (801) 923-4119

04 Jan 2023


Sprinkler System Goals for 2023

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Are you looking to achieve a beautiful yard this year in Davis County? If so, goal setting can be a powerful tool to help you reach your landscape aspirations. Here are a few tips for setting and achieving your yard goals:

*Be specific: Instead of setting a vague goal like "improve my yard," try to be as specific as possible. For example, "plant a vegetable garden" or "install a new irrigation system" are more specific goals that will be easier to track and achieve.

*Make a plan: Once you have set your goals, it's important to make a plan for how you will achieve them.

*Measure progress: It can be helpful to track your progress towards your yard goals. This could be as simple as taking before and after photos of your lawn and yard or keeping a journal of your tasks and accomplishments.

*Stay motivated: Achieving your yard/sprinkler irrigation goals can take time and effort, so it's important to stay motivated and on track. Consider enlisting the help of a friend, family member or Sprinkler Master Expert, or rewarding yourself when you reach certain milestones.

By setting clear goals and making a plan, you can increase your chances of achieving a beautiful yard this year in Sprinkler Master Repair (Davis County, UT) . Good luck!

Thank you for considering Sprinkler Master for all of your sprinkler repair needs. We look forward to helping you achieve a beautiful, green yard. https://daviscounty.utahsprinklermaster.repair/

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19 Oct 2022

We are now blowing sprinkler/irrigation systems out!

Don’t forget to get your sprinkler system winterized before the freezing temperatures come. We are now blowing sprinkler/irrigation systems out. This will help you avoid costly repairs in the spring that come from freezing pipes that have water left in them. Call now and let Sprinkler Master ensure that your sprinkler system is taken care of. Davis county will reach freezing temperatures soon, give us a call now! Tel:+1-801-923-4119

14 Dec 2021

How do you troubleshoot a sprinkler controller?

How do you troubleshoot a sprinkler controller?

How to Troubleshoot a sprinkler Controller

When a failure occurs in a sprinkler system, the controller commonly gets blamed as the culprit, but how do you troubleshoot a sprinkler controller? But the problem may not lie with the controller.

If you’re having problems with your system and are unsure of the cause, these electrical troubleshooting tips could help you discover if the controller is the issue or something else.

1. Why do I have a blank display on my sprinkler system?

Step one to troubleshooting your sprinkler system is figuring why the screen is blank. More than likely, your unit has experienced some kind of electrical service disruption that has caused it to go offline.

Locate the reset button on the controller.  This is usually a small inverted button that you can only access with a thin “tool” like the end of a paper clip.  Insert your “tool” into the reset slot and press until the display indicates that the controller is back online.

2. Why does my sprinkler system not run?

If the system doesn’t seem to be running, check that the controller is set to auto or run. Remember: while scheduled settings may be programmed, they are not activated until the controller is set to auto.

If you see that the controller is set to run, the start time may not have been saved.  Turn the controller dial to set watering times.  If no time appears, enter a start time as well as starts for each program or zone.  Afterward, confirm that the current day, time, and watering days are also correct. If your issues feel more serious than this, give us a call!

How to troubleshoot a sprinkler controller

3. Why is my sprinkler running when it shouldn’t be?

If you find that your system is watering at times it shouldn’t, chances are that the manual override key may have been accidentally activated.

The easiest way to clear up this issue is to turn the dial to the off position for a minute or two and then set it back to run.  If the problem persists, check the watering start times for an unwanted scheduled time and delete it.  We can even add a smart sprinkler timer!

4. The valve failure

How to troubleshoot a sprinkler valve

When this happens, it’s usually because the run time or watering duration time hasn’t been set.  You can remedy this by twisting the controller dial to the desired valve.  If the run time is blank, use the up and down buttons to set a duration time.

If, however, you see the alarm light go off or an error message on the controller display, you may be dealing with a valve solenoid issue which may require you to replace the connecting irrigation wire.

Sprinkler Master is here to help homeowners like you make the most of their watering systems.  No matter how big or small the issues you may be facing, we have the sales and repair services you need when you need them.  Contact us today!

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24 Aug 2016

How To Save On The Water Bill By Saving Water!

A lawn sprinkler system makes life much easier and saves us time. A sprinkler system cuts back on the use of water by watering more effectively. However, a broken sprinkler system can waste over 4’000 gallons of water a month. Most sprinkler problems go unnoticed because they run at night and go unseen. Common problems with a lawn sprinkler system is that they are not rising above the grass (not popping up all the way) as well as broken tops and broken pipes below the ground. Sprinklers that do not cover correctly wastewater and can causing lasting damage. Call Sprinkler Master Repair today!

Common problems of sprinklers wasting water:

  • Broken Sprinkler Head
  • Broken or cracked sprinkler pipes
  • Over watering from timer
  • Sunken tilted sprinklers heads
  • Wrong spray pattern
  • Mixed sprinkler heads
  • Sprinkler needs minor adjustment
  • Sprinkler valve or zone won’t turn off

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16 Aug 2016

10 Ways a Great Lawn Will Make Life Better!

Top Advantages of a Beautiful Lawn

Happy Family Playing in lawn Sprinkler Master Repair
A beautiful family having a great time on their luscious green lawn
A beautiful, lush, dense lawn has many great advantages. A home with an inviting lawn will welcome you and all of your guests. Here are a few advantages of a well maintained lawn.
Grass Cools Down Your Property
When the heat is on in the summer, grass keeps you cool. Front lawns of just 8 average houses have the same cooling effect as about 70 tons of air conditioning, while the average home-size central air unit has only a 3 – 4 ton capacity. On top of that grass acts as a noise reducer as it effectively absorbs and deflects sound. When combining a beautiful lush lawn with trees, shrubs and other landscaping a lawn can significantly reduce hard unwanted noise.
Enhances the Whole Neighborhood
Lawns can contribute to your sense of well-being. Most people say that the best place to relax is in their own backyard. A green, attractive landscape design goes much further than just relaxation and recreation. For example when the city installs landscaping and grass parks to enhance the area, people start taking pride in their surroundings and raise the bar of their own property maintenance. As well as, when I have a neighbor with a well-kept lawn, it encourages the rest of the neighbors to do a better job and in return the whole neighborhood benefits.
Easier to Sell Your Home
An attractive landscape can make or break a home sale. Landscaping can add tens of thousands of dollars to the value of your property. In fact, it is one of the few home improvements you can make that not only adds value immediately, but also increases in value as the years go by; while interior decor and design concepts regularly go out of style and mechanical systems wear out, plants grow fuller and more robust as the years go by. The home’s value is added at an advantage ranged from 5.5 percent to 12.7 percent. That translates into an extra $16,500 to $38,100 in value on a $300,000 home. A beautiful landscape design and healthy lawn is a good indication that they’ve taken care of the inside of the house as well and that the home is worth a premium price.
Grass Is A Pollution Fighter!
In one year the blades and roots of grass in an acre of healthy grass absorbs hundreds of pounds of pollutants from the air and rainfall. Among them are sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrogen, fluoride, nitrates and other gases blamed for acid rain and the greenhouse effect.
Grass Produces Oxygen
Grass plants remove co2 from the air and produce o2 in return. Just 625 square feet of grass supplies all the oxygen a person needs for one day. A 5000 square foot lawn produces enough oxygen for 8 people each day. In comparison, it takes two 100-foot trees to provide the same amount of oxygen for 8 people.
Grass Saves Soil!
A green lush lawn stabilizes the soil against water and wind. Lawns prevent runoff and erosion of our valuable topsoil, keeping additional phosphorus from entering our streams and rivers. A healthy lawn also traps much of the estimated 12 million tons of dust and dirt released into the US atmosphere annually.
Grass Has Better Rain Absorption
Healthy, dense lawns absorb rainfall 6 times more effectively than a wheat field, four times better than a hay field, and prevent runoff and erosion of our precious topsoil, keeping additional phosphorus from entering our streams and rivers. A healthy lawn also traps much of the estimated 12 million tons of dust and dirt released into the US atmosphere annually.
Grass is Mother Nature’s Carpet
Nature surrounds us, make yours stunning! Grass is used for recreation from family picnics to soccer to football to any other sport played on grass, grass is essential. It acts as a pad to reduce injuries that might have happened. A dense lawn is a far safer playground and playing field than nearly any other surface.
Hospitalized Patients Have A Faster Recovery
When the patient’s room viewed a beautiful landscaped area compared to patients with non-landscaped views a faster recovery has been observed in hospitals.
Grass Helps Fight Wildfires
With the weather heating up, wildfires are more prone to spreading. Help protect yourself with a lush green lawn. Grass is known to have a low fuel value which can actually help act as a buffer around your property in case of fire hazards.

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