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sprinkler repair in davis county
As the local Layton Sprinkler experts, we take pride in improving the health of lawns all throughout Davis County, Ut. Our technicians have 30+ years of experience in maintaining and repairing sprinkler systems in the Davis area. Our goal is to keep your irrigation system working reliably all year around as needed. Having a landscape that is healthy and lush typically involves providing regular watering of your lawn and surrounding plants. Especially in areas where precipitation amounts are not steady. Trust the Sprinkler Master professionals to design, install and maintain your Sprinkler Repair in Layton, Ut.

Experienced Sprinkler System Installation, Sprinkler Repair & Maintenance

It has never been a better time to get an irrigation system for your home. We can install highly efficient irrigation systems that will not only save you time but will save you water as well. An irrigation system can increase your home’s value, boost water efficiency and prevent future diseases and weeds in your lawn. Our Sprinkler Master irrigation system comes with custom options including the ability to operate different zones. Therefore better performance and rain sensors to prevent wasted water, for all your sprinkler repair in Layton.

Sprinkler Maintenance & Repairs

sprinkler repair in davis county
Proper maintenance can prevent future problems. We have standard seasonal maintenance to keep your irrigation services running efficiently. For instance, we will check for leaks, coverage issues, and other ways to make your system run smoothly. We can also prepare your system for the cold Layton, Utah weather and winterize your irrigation system for you as well.

Lots of money can be wasted on your irrigation system if upgrades aren’t made. We can turn this water-waster into a money-saver with a few common upgrades. Sprinkler Master can add pressure-regulated heads, adjust the head spacing and install additional pipes to save up to 30% on water bills. If these upgrades have already been made, we can install a Wi-Fi Smart Controller that will allow you to adjust your watering to fit the local weather conditions.
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